It's the easiest thing you can do to inspire healthy habits at your office

STEP 1. Put up posters at common office locations

 BJ Foggs theory of behavior change states that you can change behaviors by putting hot triggers in the path of motivated people. These hotspots are essentially these triggers. We catch users at critical moments of transition. Consider the water cooler break - most of us take it atleast once or twice a day. What if we could use that as a teaching moment, or a coaching moment to nudge the user to do something additionally healthy for themselves?   The other important thing to note is that we form new behaviors when they are appended to existing actions. That way it becomes easier to set something as part of an existing routine, rather than interrupting someone pointlessly with an email or time-based reminder or SMS.   MOVE hotspots allow you to intervene and provide motivation (a message, healthy task, some inspiration or humor) at just the right moment (when the user is already taking a break)

STEP 2:  Email users a link to download the Songbird app


STEP 3:  Users engage by responding to Songbird notifications


"While you wait for the microwave to finish, want to 'WARM UP' WITH a few stretches?"