People Magazine Or Your Wellness Portal?

 New platforms for employee engagement

New platforms for employee engagement

Here is a simple question. If you had 5 mins to spare and you had the option of browsing through People magazine vs. your company's wellness portal - what would you choose? You know the answer but you are probably defending your portal in your mind saying -'People magazine is not going to get me healthy!'. And here are some other things we've heard in defense of the portal:

We've gone mobile: That is great but is your portal 'on mobile' interesting? And have you tracked how many of your employees actually access your portal on the mobile, and not just login once at the start? 
Our portal has social features: Wonderful. But don't you need traffic first before people can start chatting and being social? Also, are your employees truly going to give up Facebook to be social on the wellness portal?
We've given our portal a new look and feel: This is important. A portal that looks like it is 30 years old is not going to be appealing. But bright colors and fancy fonts will hold attention only this long..

So here is our take in a nutshell:

Think beyond your portal: The millennials have it right here. Make your wellness information accessible quickly and easily - think Twitter, Vine videos, gifs ... "information snackables" that communicate in 30 seconds or less

Are you saying something interesting?: We all have short attention spans and that cat video is vying for your employee's attention. It is about engaging your employees and thinking of them as your wellness customers. Your wellness information has to be presented in an engaging and fun format.

                                Get rid of this. Seriously,  whats with the apples? They 're everywhere!

                               Get rid of this. Seriously, whats with the apples? They're everywhere!

Question the fundamentals: Do you really need a portal? Stop a minute and re-evaluate the objectives you are achieving with your portal. The budget you offset from this spend can be used towards wellness initiatives that are truly useful to your employees.

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