10 little habits to a healthier work day

We all make resolutions. Only to break them. BJ Fogg believes that taking baby steps to forming a habit has huge impacts in changing behavior over time. So what can we do in terms of baby steps toward staying healthy at work and making a habit of it?

 Small steps to staying healthy at work and habit formation

Small steps to staying healthy at work and habit formation

1) Start your day with a positive affirmation: Positive affirmations can influence your subconscious mind to actualize what you've been thinking. Here is a great article that can guide you through writing your first affirmation, if you haven't done this before: Affirmations: The Why, What, How, and What If? - Kathryn J Lively

2) Avoid opening 250 tabs on your computer: Work can get stressful and overwhelming. Don't add to it by starting on a zillion tasks at the same time. Focus and complete one task at a time. Need tips and tricks to prioritize and manage your work load? Here is a great article: Feeling Overwhelmed? 6 Ways to Take Control of Your Workload by Christine Reedy

3) Avoid getting sucked into hitting infinite 'likes' on that social networking app: If this is you, you know this can be a huge time suck. Use the time to actually connect with people in your office or better still, maybe you can try for the social media manager role for your workplace! Need to know how to get tactical about this one? Check this article out: How to minimize your time on facebook

4) Stay hydrated: This one is obvious. Water is good for you. It is easy to drink water, right? Just keep doing it and the benefits will add up. Still reaching for that soda as you read this blog? See what the American Heart Association has to say.

5) Add to that step count: Sedentary behavior is bad. Period. And just hitting the gym is not enough. Keep moving every 30 mins to an hour. May we suggest Move Hotspots to help you with this habit?

6) Eat better: Maybe start with something simple like including greens with every lunch meal. Better still, pack your own lunch. Need inspiration? Check these recipes out.

7) Try desk-exercises: Stretch, relax, rotate, flex, bend...you get it. All in the space of your cubicle. Keep flexible.

8) Take the stairs: Why would you not? It is right there by the elevator. Did you know that taking the stairs can even improve your immune system? Check this out.

9) Make friends: Cause work and life is better and fun with friends. We spend a majority of our lives at work. Meaningful relationships can up the happiness quotient. This article summarizes it well: Why having friends at work is so important.

10) Re-center: It is important to make a habit of re-centering everyday. Remember your life goals, your vision, your dreams and reflect on how you are making progress towards it everyday.

Are there other habits you practice through your work day? Drop us a note at info@quantifiedhabits.com or comment below.