The march of the quantified elves

 Points ... Gimme!

Points ... Gimme!

I’m Nag — an engineer entrepreneur. In a past life I invented and builtlifesaving medical devices. I’m relatively new to the whole wearable/ digital health tech scene.

I was a light mobile/digital health tech user up until a year ago — until I started to build apps and devices for myself and those around me. But I hadn’t realized just how much the world had changed around me until I started to design for myself and for it.

After a year or so of doing this, I’m beginning to realize just how much needs to change about the current wave of wearable/ mobile health technology . All those pesky pedometers and dumb-watches are turning us into turning us into conscientious little quantified elves — scurrying about logging our data — haranguing each other over points — buzzing each others wrists with silly hearts ...

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