The average employee today deals with multiple life events that act as stressors resulting in lost productivity of over $200B to employers

Caregiving for an aging parent, financial debt, loss of a loved one, addition of a baby, work pressures are some of the most commonly found stressor events that the average employee deals with today, resulting in absenteeism and lost productivity.

Habitat is a life event support service that combines human coaches with stress-support AI and an evidence based curriculum

Human Empathy +


Our coaches provide ongoing support and motivation through webcasts with multiple class timings for flexibility


AI Efficiency +


Leveraging our AI, coaches provide beyond the classroom support - at significant stress creating contextual times


Evidence Based Content


Through partnerships with thought leaders, we leverage an evidence based curriculum and content

Some feedback from our users

“Habitat is truly always-on support. I feel like somebody actually cares about me and is helping me deal with life.”

”I was so stressed last week due to a health procedure I was scheduled for. Thank you for being there for me. It helped to receive your messages reminding me to relax and manage my stress.”

”I find you stress management problem solving sessions really handy. So practical. By the way, it really surprises me how you know when to message me at just the right times when I need a nudge..”

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